The end is in sight

We are on the verge of a much-anticipated break. However, it is just out of reach. With just a few hours left, there is an energy in the air. Lack of focus is abundant, and the taste of freedom is that ice cream cone at the store that hasn’t opened yet. The lack of drive is evident in both teachers and students alike. But the reminder to finish strong is also present. The start of fourth quarter with the prospect of ending school with a 4.0 or to bring up the GPA to a passing grade is prevalent with the newly posted grades on the wall. The reminder in chapel today was also a good push to the end as we realize that the end of times really is in sight with the Israelites moving back home and the prophecies of the Old and New Testament coming true. I have a responsibility to share the Good News because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So with the end in sight, what am I doing for Eternity?


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