Have you ever found yourself working on one thing diligently and then find your mind wandering to something else and then find that you are doing something else and you forget what you were originally doing? Yeah, that happens to me all the time. . . .Some days that’s okay, other days, not so much. . . .As a teacher and coach, I find there are practices to plan and tests to write, yet there I am doing one thing and then something else. Recently I’ve found myself distracted by a bright, shiny rock that resides on my left hand now. If not distracted by its sparkles, then I tend to be distracted making plans for the big day. If not distracted by those two things, then something else enraptures my attention. Perhaps a White Collar episode, or the tempting Cookies and Cream ice cream, maybe it’s a Sim City time limit, or the making of a test, or the designing of a poster. Most days I will find about twenty tabs open on my screen and nothing actually completed promptly. I attempt to organize my life with notebooks full of to-do lists and timers on my phone to keep me focused for a specific time, and when I adhere to the accountability set up for me, I survive, in fact, I thrive! But when the woes of FaceBook or Email creep up on me, Distraction wins, and it takes everything in me to fight it off, but most times I succumb to its tempting allure and winningness charm. Anyone else? Or is this just me?


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