Little Joys

About a year has gone by and so much has happened in that time. The first year of teaching has come and gone; the second year is almost complete. Another summer of camp, another season of volleyball and basketball, another full semester, another semester is halfway done, a senior trip, and a boyfriend has come into the picture. My best friend. He’s about to come up and visit me now. Little joys that are so easy to overlook. It is easy to let the events in our life to dictate the way that we live. Good things, then all is good and well in the world. Bad things, then, watch out world! life if miserable and unfair. Yet, when we look at the example of Christ, and we see how much He endured, do we have it all that bad? When we look at the example of Paul and what he considered “light afflictions,” do I really have the worst life possible? Not at all! My life is full of good! I’m surrounded by people who love me, but even more than that, I have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for me. So every day is a great day and in that sense, hope for the best, because there are no bad days!


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