too little for too long

Quite overdue, yet nonetheless, here is another post. A lot has transpired since my last post. I have gone through  a basketball season, I have gone through a computer transition, I have been through a Sports Awards Banquet, I have been through a missions conference, I have been through two volleyball club seasons, I have been through almost another quarter in school. March Madness is around the corner and my bulletin board reflects it. I have a basketball theme with a lot of empty space to be able to display the brackets proudly. There is still quite a bit to go though. Spring Break is around the corner, then the senior trip, then fourth quarter full of a lot of busy things. My 9th graders are in the process of making a magazine and I’m excited to see how it will end up turning out. They are creating a National Geographic. My 8th graders are about to learn how to code. They are going to learn how to use the database Access, then we will review Microsoft Word, and then into coding we will go. We are going to use the website It is a free interactive site that will give them the basics of coding in HTML and CSS. There are other available tutorials as well, but I only have so much time to go through so little. Overall, it has been a great year. Full of much learning for myself. I hope that my students have been able to take come away with at least a fourth of the information that I’ve taught them as I have learned at least double what I’ve attempted to communicate!


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