Long Overdue

This semester has been one of the best semesters of my life, although it has also been one of the most taxing. High school and college I could always skate by on most things and then capitalize and shine on the things that I was most passionate about or had a knack for. However, teaching is a completely different ball game. There is not really any skating by, and if I attempt to, then it bites me hard later, so I might as well buckle down and do it right and completely the first time. Also, that whole shining on the one thing that I’m good at has gone down the tubes. I’ve been stretched and pushed out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion. I would even say that pushing myself out of my comfort zone is something that I enjoy doing and still find ways to thrive versus just survive, however, this year being pushed out of my comfort zone has a completely new meaning as I am now being depended to further others knowledge based on what I know (or don’t know) and expected to be an “expert” on it, because that is what teachers are: experts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “next year, I will do . . . .” I have a notebook that I jot notes down about ideas of what I want to do differently next year. In my devotions, I’m reading through the minor prophets and just finished Hosea. I have known the story of Hosea for a good portion of my life, but this time, I was struck with the thought and have been dwelling on how Hosea pursued after Gomar and how much of a picture that is of God to us. It isn’t a half-hearted wishy-washy nonchalant saunter through a park, but rather a full-out ongoing pursuit where God will stop at nothing. With that same vim and vigour is how I am to attack my work. It isn’t an “eh, let’s get through today”, but a “let’s jump in with all I’ve got and take to heart what I’m doing.” I already love the students, and if I truly love them, then I should want the absolute best for them, and do all I can inspite of me for them to be able to reach the next height.


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