My way is not God’s way

Two Mondays ago, I hurt my ankle in basketball practice. It was the first practice. In fact, it was the first half hour of the first practice. In fact, I wasn’t even doing anything cool, exciting, or spectacular. I was just running after a ball. And there I went, landing on my ankle. I heard it snap. I went down, hard. It hurt. But I was in front of the entire girls and boys basketball team and in front of three other coaches. There is no way that I was going to cry. I got up and hobbled over to a bench. Ice was brought to me, I was able to get a brace on it and then hobble around for the rest of practice. Later that night I played in a volleyball game. Should I have? Eh, debatable. But I did, so I can’t do anything about it now. I was on crutches later that week for a couple days to give my ankle a rest. It’s not perfect by any means and has a long way to go, but the swelling is down and bruising is almost gone. During that time, it was sweet to see the faculty, staff, and students rally around me. Care was shown from little things like bringing me copies from the office so that I didn’t have to hobble down to get them to a third-grade class praying for my ankle to heal. It was encouraging and at this time of Thanksgiving, it has given me a time to reflect on those that are around me and how grateful I am to God for bringing me to WSCS.


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