Being an English teacher is definitely challenging and is stretching me, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs. Reliance on God has been an absolute must as I cannot go into the classroom and do everything on my own. In fact, when I try, I end up having a terrible day. I  would have never seen myself as an English teacher. I’ve seen myself as a teacher since 1st and 2nd grade, just not purely an English teacher. But I had an epiphany about a week ago. In my mind, I’ve been a teacher who happened to be teaching PE, Computer, and English. Last week that changed. I was talking to a student who used improper English and I corrected her then said, “You do realize that you are talking to an English teacher.” After I said that phrase I went back to my desk with a little smile and thought about what I had said. I went home and mulled over what I had said, and for the first time, I embraced the fact, that yes, I am indeed an English teacher, not just a teacher who happens to be teaching English.


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